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  • Juliana Beasley Rockaway

    Last Stop. Rockaway Park.

    October 18, 2013 - 

    Last fall, Rockaway Park made headlines as it was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, in a rare media moment for a remote, working-class neighborhood in Queens. For a decade prior, photographer Juliana Beasley regularly visited the community, documenting its residents in unforgettable images.  More
  • Out of Nowhere: Photography in Cambodia (Part Two)

    July 1, 2013 - 

    As part of the Season of Cambodia arts festival in New York, curators Leeza Ahmady and Erin Gleeson present a selection of landscape photography documenting the rapid changes in Cambodian life today.  More
  • Zanele Muholi

    Queer Faces Made Visible in Africa

    July 1, 2013 - 

    Despite South Africa’s expansive gay rights laws and international leadership on marriage equality, the nation’s LGBTQ women have been frequent targets of brutal violence. Challenging the marginalization of her community, artist Zanele Muholi captures the individuality of queer women throughout Africa in resolutely political photo-portraits.  More
  • Mali: The Euphoric Era of Independence, in Photos

    June 3, 2013 - 

    The vibrant studio photographs of Adama Kouyaté evoke a cultural moment before Mali made headlines as a country besieged by insurgents, at war, and suffering from ongoing poverty, portraying the nation’s youthful optimism following independence from the French.  More
  • Rumble on the Rails: USA, Russia, and Iran Embrace Each Other

    May 20, 2013 - 

    Lisi Raskin shares her top five reasons why wrestling should remain in the 2020 Olympics and warns against aligning individual athletes with their countries’ politics.  More
  • PR

    Editor’s Letter

    Five years after Creative Time Reports’ inception, the project is coming to a close. Editor Marisa Mazria Katz reflects on some of the most moving pieces that solidified CTR as a unique platform that elevates artists’ voices.


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