Latin America

  • Monsanto

    Monsanto in Argentina: Rhythms of Resistance in Soybeanland

    May 20, 2013 - 

    In Argentina, a group of women calling themselves the “Mothers of Ituzaingó” are fighting against the spraying of Monsanto pesticide Roundup. Federico Zukerfeld films a protest against the notorious biotech corporation in Buenos Aires.  More
  • Haiti Beyond the Headlines: Tom Healy Interviews Edwidge Danticat

    March 18, 2013 - 

    Three years after a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti, poet Tom Healy looks “behind the sound bites of trauma” with award-winning Haitian novelist Edwidge Danticat, who shares stories of her childhood and reflects on immigrant life in the United States.  More
  • Venezuela’s Electoral Autocracy

    March 4, 2013 - 

    The Venezuelan government announced the death of Hugo Chávez on Tuesday, March 5, 2013. Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck, Boris Munoz and Cristian Balteo Yazbeck chronicle the controversial leader’s rise to power, constructing a provisional history from Venezuela’s murky realities.  More
  • Haiti Earthquake: Le Point d’Arrivée/The End Point

    January 12, 2013 - 

    For the second segment of our two-part collaboration with the PEN American Center, Haitian poet Georges Castera explores the effects of 2010’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake on Haiti, declaring, “If we could my love, bring life back to life.”  More
  • Haiti Earthquake: Pour La Enième Fois/For the Umpteenth Time

    January 11, 2013 - 

    For the first installment of our two-part collaboration with the PEN American Center, Haitian poet Georges Castera reflects on the devastation a 7.0-magnitude earthquake wreaked on Haiti.  More
  • PR

    Editor’s Letter

    Five years after Creative Time Reports’ inception, the project is coming to a close. Editor Marisa Mazria Katz reflects on some of the most moving pieces that solidified CTR as a unique platform that elevates artists’ voices.


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