• Mickalene Thomas

    Via New York, NY, USA

    Mickalene Thomas is a distinguished, multidisciplinary visual artist and filmmaker who deftly combines art-historical, political and pop-cultural references to create a striking commentary on what it means to ...

  • Hank Willis Thomas

    Via New York, NY, USA

    Hank Willis Thomas is a photo-conceptual artist working primarily with themes related to identity, history and popular culture. He received a BFA in photography and Africana studies from New York University and ...

  • Nato Thompson

    Via Philadelphia, PA, USA

    Nato Thompson is Creative Time's artistic director. Since January 2007, Nato has organized major projects for Creative Time, such as the Creative Time Summit (2009 and 2010); Paul Ramirez Jonas’s Key to the ...

  • Hakan Topal

    Via New York, NY, USA

    Hakan Topal is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He is Assistant Professor of New Media and Art + Design at Purchase College, SUNY and a faculty member in the MFA Program at the School of Visual Arts. He ...

  • Amadou Chab Touré

    Via Ségou, Mali

    Amadou Chab Touré is a professor of aesthetics and gallery director. He has taught at the National Institute of the Arts and the Conservatory of Multimedia Arts and Crafts, both in Bamako. Director of the first ...

  • Adriana Trujillo

    Via Tijuana, Mexico

    Adriana Trujillo is a filmmaker whose artistic practice crosses the boundaries between ethnographic and experimental films. Since 2003 she has devoted herself to creating a space for non-fiction film as a ...

  • Jérôme Tubiana

    Via Paris, France

    Jérôme Tubiana is a writer and photographer who has covered conflicts in Sudan, South Sudan, Chad and the Horn of Africa for over twenty years. His work has been published in Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, ...

  • Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

    Via Redmond, Washington, USA

    Lena Khalaf Tuffaha is a poet, writer and translator. She has lived in and travelled across the Arab world, and many of her poems are inspired by the experience of crossing various borders: cultural, geographic ...

  • Alok Vaid-Menon

    Via New York, NY

    Alok Vaid-Menon is a trans South Asian writer, performance artist, and community organizer. They are currently on tour with DarkMatter, an art collaboration with Janani Balasubramanian. You can read more of ...

  • Katayoun Vaziri

    Via New York, NY, USA

    Iranian-born visual artist Katayoun Vaziri draws on a wide range of cultural references to question the linearity of political and social narratives. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in San Francisco, ...

  • PR

    Editor’s Letter

    Five years after Creative Time Reports’ inception, the project is coming to a close. Editor Marisa Mazria Katz reflects on some of the most moving pieces that solidified CTR as a unique platform that elevates artists’ voices.


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