Tomas Rafa

Via Warsaw, Poland

Tomas Rafa’s photographs and videos explore the line between patriotism and nationalism. In numerous group and solo shows across Europe and in New York, his work has focused on displays of racism and xenophobia in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. Over the last three years, he has created video projects featuring political demonstrations, blockades and protests in these countries set against the background of everyday life. Often complemented with his own actions and performances, the project features group demonstrations and displays of extremism in which national and sexual majorities are in opposition to minorities. Just as the famous Czech director Karel Vachek, he keeps the camera on at all times during these events, even when the journalists have left. The footage thus presents situations one would not have the chance to see on a televised news program. In 2011, Rafa won the Oskár Čepan Award in Slovakia for New Nationalism in the Heart of Europe.


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