Tattfoo Tan

Via New York, NY, USA

Tattfoo Tan is an artist who collaborates with the public on issues relating to ecology, sustainability and healthy living. His art practice seeks to directly and effectively explore issues related to the individual in society and in doing so, collapse the categories of art and life into one. Through using multiple forms of media and platforms of presentation, Tan promotes group participation between himself and an audience. Within this collaborative practice, both minds and bodies are engaged in actions that transform the making of art into a ritualized and shared experience. In keeping with the spirit of this transformative act, Tan prefers to develop projects that are ephemeral and conceptual in nature.

Tan has presented, collaborated and shown his works in various New York and U.S. venues and institutions including: Staten Island Arts, Queens Museum of Art, Artisphere, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Project Row Houses, Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati and more. He has also been recognized by New York City for his effort, service and artistic contributions to the community. He resides in Staten Island with his hens.


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