Robin Kahn

Via New York, NY, USA

Robin Kahn’s art comprises the interchangeable and complementary practices of creating her own work for exhibition and publication, while organizing public interventions, collective events and open anthologies. Her projects expand the definition of art by engaging alternative modes of production, display, interaction and authorship. In 2012, Kahn was commissioned by Documenta (13) to produce an installation and series of events inspired by her publication Dining in Refugee Camps: The Art of Sahrawi Cooking. She organized “The Art of Sahrawi Cooking,” a 3½-month-long dynamic interaction in partnership with La Cooperativa Unidad Nacional de Mujeres Saharauis. In addition to her authored projects, Kahn is co-founder of several artists’ collectives that provide both local and international communities a public platform for self-expression. Agencia de Viaje was formed to produce the Cápsula de Tiempo Córdoba, a physically and conceptually open time capsule “for the Universal Exposition Expo’92,” (Sevilla, Spain); and the collective GRATIS, which promotes the multiplication and dissemination of art and ideas by creating floating copyright-free zones for creative experimentation: Isla del Copyright (1995, Bilbao, Spain), Copiacabana (video, 1995-96, the Guadiana River, from Extremadura, Spain to Beja, Portugal) and Copilandia (2005-06, Sevilla, Spain).


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