Ricardo Cortés

Via New York, NY, USA

Ricardo Cortés is an artist, writer and publisher. He is the illustrator of The New York Times #1 best-seller Go the Fuck to Sleep. He is also author and illustrator of several books, including It's Just a Plant – a children's book about marijuana; I Don't Want to Blow You Up! – a coloring book about xenophobia; and A Secret History of Coffee, Coca and Cola, an illustrated look at prohibition, plants, and the South American coca leaf trade of The Coca-Cola Company. In 2011, Ricardo received a grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council to distribute Jury Independence Illustrated, a free booklet about using jury duty as a civil disobedience against the drug war. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle and on CNN and Late Night with David Letterman. Ricardo is also a board member of Groundswell, a New York-based organization bringing together artists, youth and community partnerships to make social change through public art.

Photo credit: Carlos Alvarez Montero / Mex and the City.


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