Pedro Reyes

Via Mexico City, Mexico

Pedro Reyes is a Mexican artist who crosses the boundaries of the worlds of design, film, architecture and pedagogy. His expanded notion of sculpture aims to create solutions to social problems by increasing an individual and collective degree of agency.

Trained as an architect, Reyes is known for his architectural structures and his performance and video work. Some of his public projects include the penetrable sculptures Capulas (2001–2009); Palas Por Pistolas (2006–2008), which saw the organized and voluntarily donation of 1527 weapons that were transformed into shovels to plant trees; and Baby Marx (2008–present), a television show that started through his work with Japanese puppet makers and grew into a viral series.

Recent exhibitions include a 2011 solo show at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, and "Sanatorium," a participatory project that was first produced by the Guggenheim as part of the Museum's "Stillspotting" series and later featured in dOCUMENTA13 (2012).


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