Laura Hanna

Via New York, NY, USA

Laura Hanna is a filmmaker, media activist and political organizer. She co-founded HiddenDriver Productions in 2005. She is the director of four long-form films about death row inmates in Indiana, Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania titled Williams (2012), Gattis (2011), James (2008) and Hammer (2010).

She co-directed the Perpetual Peace Project, an installation and film hosted by the New Museum, ICA Philadelphia, the Slought Foundation and Utrecht University and screened in philosophy courses at Goldsmiths, Utrecht University and IPI. In 2008 she produced short films for The Venice Biennale of Architecture with Kyong Park and Ted Smith. Her work has appeared in The Nation, The New York Times, Democracy Now, Volume and Fence. HiddenDriver has produced work for Art Review, The New Press, SEIU, OR Books and Slought Foundation. A kindler of the Rolling Jubilee, she currently organizes within Strike Debt.


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