KURS Association

Via Belgrade, Serbia

KURS(founded in 2010, run by Miloš Miletić and Mirjana Radovanović) is a Belgrade-based organization that examines wider social problems by means of artistic production. KURS acts through various visual forms, primarily through producing murals, illustrations, wall newspapers and video reports. The main aim of KURS is to produce educational and informative content framed by artistic language and presented in some form of artistic expression. Even though KURS is primarily associated with artistic production as a way of expression and articulation, in our work we also strive to join the political struggle and to bring about cooperation with left-orientated organizations. Some of the significant activities include: painting murals “Struggle, knowledge, equality” on occasion of the Student’s Day, “20th October” on occasion of seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade and “Tvornice radnicima” (Factories to the Workers) in Itas-Prvomajska factory in Ivanec, Croatia. Since 2013, KURS has also been publishing “Wall Newspapers” in cooperation with experts from different social fields and has been examining diverse subjects relating to modern social issues.


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