Via Mexico City, Mexico

Escuela de Cultura Popular Revolucionaria Mártires del ‘68 (The Revolutionary Martyrs of ’68 School of Popular Culture), or ECPM is a cultural organization that supports radical democratic movements in Mexico and elsewhere through the arts, education and social struggle. Founded in 1988 as a tribute to the students killed in the Tlatelolco massacre, the school has historically offered theoretical workshops on topics including the history of Mexico, dialectical and historical materialism, Marxist aesthetics, campaigning, and image production. More recently, ECPM activities have greatly diversified to include theater workshops, contemporary dance, nutrition, photography, screenprinting, engraving, tai chi, bookbinding, karate, music and a "Seminar on Culture and Liberation." In the 25 years since its founding, the ECPM has maintained relationships of solidarity with many social and community organizations and supported ongoing demonstrations, rights advocacy and political and cultural participation. Members have participated in roundtables, conferences, portfolios, exhibitions and a variety of forums ranging from the lower house of Mexico’s Congress and the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City to the Zapatista Aguascalientes (cultural spaces for meetings). The school has joined several calls from the EZLN (Zapatista National Liberation Army) since 1994, the year in which the EZLN became a civil association.