Anthony Haden-Guest

Via New York, NY, USA

Anthony Haden-Guest is a writer, reporter and cartoonist. He is also an occasional performer and received a New York Emmy for writing and narrating a documentary about affluent Europeans – aka Eurotrash – in New York, Way Back When. He was born in Paris, grew up in London, and lives in New York. As a magazine writer he has covered war, crime and the various social orders and disorders of celebrity culture, but now largely focuses on the art world. His books include True Colors: The Real Life of the Art World and The Last Party, a book about New York’s nightlife in the years when it had one worth writing about. He has published two books of cartoons and dark light verse, The Chronicles of Now and In The Mean Time: The Other Ends of the World and his lyrics have just morphed into haute folk noir on Rudely Interrupted, an album he made with Lorraine Leckie, which he urges you to get.


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