Angad Bhalla

Via New York, NY, USA

Angad Bhalla specializes in film projects that highlight rarely-heard voices. After spending months with Indian villagers who had been resisting a mining project backed by the Canadian company Alcan, he produced his first independent project, U.A.I.L. Go Back, which was used widely as an organizing tool in the campaign against the project. Bhalla has since worked on videos for such organizations as Human Rights Watch and several labor unions. His short documentary on the lives of Indian street artists, Writings on the Wall, garnered awards at Worldfest Houston and the Columbus Film and Video Festival. It was broadcast nationally on Canada’s Bravo! Network and India’s NDTV, and internationally on Al Jazeera EnglishHerman’s House is Bhalla’s first feature documentary. When not making films, he works as a community organizer within faith communities.


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