Adriana Trujillo

Via Tijuana, Mexico

Adriana Trujillo is a filmmaker whose artistic practice crosses the boundaries between ethnographic and experimental films. Since 2003 she has devoted herself to creating a space for non-fiction film as a founder and artistic director of BorDocs Documentary Forum in the Tijuana-San Diego border region. Her recent works include Ghostly Pulsations (2013), Skin Destination (2012) and Felix: Self-Fictions of a Smuggler (2011). Holding a Masters degree in Creative Documentary from the Barcelona Autonomous University, she has also received grants and awards from the National Program for Young Artists, Mexican Institute of Cinematography and The National Experimental Video Fest. In 2012 Adriana received a grant for her work as a visual artist by the Baja California Cultural Institute, and in the same year was selected by the renowned weekly magazine ZETA as a personality of the year in culture and arts. She has also been a lecturer in universities and media art centers since 2002. Her work has been shown in festivals, galleries and institutions in Mexico, the United States, Spain, Chile, Argentina, China, Australia and India. Adriana is the editor of the book Bordocs and Frontiers: Documentary Film in the North of Mexico (2013).


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