A. L. Steiner

Via Los Angeles, CA, USA

Through photography, video, installation, and collage, A. L. Steiner creates highly politicized works that address themes of feminism, queer culture, and the environment. Steiner often collaborates with like-minded artists as a member of the electroclash group Chicks on Speed, a founding member of W.A.G.E. (Working Artists and the Greater Economy) and a co-curator of the subversive collaborative Ridykeulous. Among her most well-known works is the film Community Action Center, created with fellow-artist A.K. Burns. The film investigates the hybridization of the personal and the political through a sexually liberal lens. Steiner is a leader within the lesbian-feminist community and a visionary artist encouraging creative minds across a range of disciplines to push the boundaries of daring, often controversial, community engagement and activism.

Steiner has started a petition asking Condé Nast Publications to print its magazines on recycled paper.


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