Liam Gillick Decodes the World

February 1, 2013

Creative Time’s chief curator, Nato Thompson, speaks with artist Liam Gillick about the limits to our understanding of contemporary art, culture and politics.

Liam Gillick, 24/7 ™ Kiosk, September 7, 2009. Photo by Wouter Horré.

In this episode of Forms of Life, host Nato Thompson speaks with artist Liam Gillick about the critical conversations that frame contemporary art, and our limited understanding of the present moment. Their discussion identifies a series of cultural impasses: an obsession with the very recent past among art critics and historians; a hesitation to implement structural change among political progressives; and a lack of general education in art and visual culture that might help broader publics to “decode the world.” Gillick will address these critical themes from a historical perspective in four lectures, collectively titled “Creative Disruption in the Age of Soft Revolutions,” for the 2013 Bampton Lecture Series at Columbia University.

Forms of Life is a monthly podcast hosted by Creative Time’s chief curator, Nato Thompson. Guests are culture makers whose work posits new ways of looking at political realities. By addressing a wide variety of issues—such as alternative economies, calcified political structures and new forms of collective living—or simply by being a thorn in the side of normality, Forms of Life interviews provide an opportunity to think counterintuitively about social conditions faced by people around the world.

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