MTL Reports: #DebtBurn

September 17, 2012

MTL, a collaborative movement that fuses research and aesthetics with activism, captures the first action of Strike Debt, an arm of Occupy Wall Street that aims to build a debt resistance movement in the United States.

MTL came across a Debt Assembly in Washington Square Park this past June. What began as a series of meetings to discuss the crushing burden of debt quickly morphed into Strike Debt, a project of Occupy Wall Street. Strike Debt aims to builds a debt resistance movement in the United States.

Folks rushed to ask questions about the viability of such a movement. What would direct action against debt look like? How would we launch it? How do we deal with the shame of debt and default ingrained in each of us? When would a debt strike become possible? What can be done in the interim to get “off the grid” and free oneself from the debt system of servitude?

#DebtBurn documents the first action of Strike Debt on September 9, a prelude to the launch of its direct action wing on September 17, the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Strike Debt’s presence on the streets of Wall Street was felt and feared by the 1% and the NYPD.

Of course, members of Strike Debt recognize that there can be no radical action without radical thought. To make the connection, they have prepared a field manual for the debt resistor in every one of us. Written by an anonymous collective of resistors, defaulters and allies, this operations manual contains practical information, insider tips, and resources for anyone dealing with the dilemma of indebtedness in the United States today. It also offers tactics for collective action against the debt system, so that we can all reclaim our lives and our communities.

We end with the message we love most from Strike Debt: “TO THE FINANCIAL ESTABLISHMENT OF THE WORLD, WE HAVE ONLY ONE THING TO SAY: WE OWE YOU NOTHING.” Strike Debt’s next day of action is October 13, which coincides with a call for a global day of action.

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