Kassel: “Looking Good Meanwhile Selling Dope”

September 3, 2012

While in Kassel, Germany, home to the influential Documenta exhibition, artist Thierry Geoffroy addresses rumors the European city surreptitiously mass-produces weapons that are then sold to repressive regimes.

While visiting the acclaimed Documenta 13 exhibition in Kassel, Germany, Creative Time Reports contributing correspondent Thierry Geoffroy reported on rumors the city is home to a range of weapon manufacturers selling merchandise to some of the world’s most repressive regimes.

“Europe celebrates and encourages the Arab Spring,” says Geoffroy, but “silently, just next door to this global art show, weapons to suppress protestors are being mass produced.”

For the short video, Geoffroy, who also goes by the name Colonel, donned a pale blue helmet—akin to those worn by the United Nations’ peacekeeping forces—to become what he calls “a peace-war researcher.”

According to Geoffroy, the aim of the video is to question how nations “profile themselves as humanists, while behind-the-scenes deals are executed unbeknownst to audience-goers.”