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    The Great Disconnect: What Segregation Looks Like in “Post-Racial” America

    May 18, 2015 - 

    In the seemingly friendly and integrated community of Montgomery County, GA, institutional racism infiltrates everything from criminal trials to high-school proms. The director of HBO’s new documentary Southern Rites traces these effects and discovers the ways that everyday people are demanding—and creating—change.  More
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    The Poetics of Remembrance: Facing The Armenian Genocide

    April 21, 2015 - 

    This month Armenians around the world commemorate the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, in which Ottoman Turks massacred more than a million Armenians during the First World War. In this essay, artist Hakan Topal discusses the difficulties Turkish citizens face addressing a history their country continues to deny.  More
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    Selma Was a Key Victory for Civil Rights, But the Struggle Continues Today

    March 5, 2015 - 

    On the anniversary of the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery march that led to the Voting Rights Act, actor Wendell Pierce (The Wire, Selma) reflects on the unfinished business of civil rights in America.  More
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    Mugabe’s Naughty 91st and Other Horror Stories from Harare

    February 20, 2015 - 

    On the eve of birthday celebrations for President Robert Mugabe, spoken word artist Comrade Fatso describes the Game of Thrones scenario unfolding in Zimbabwe, where various factions are vying to succeed the nation’s only post-independence leader against a backdrop of crippling poverty and unemployment.  More
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    I Am Not an American and Got Sense Enough to Know It: Dread Scott on Malcolm X, 50 Years After His Assassination

    February 18, 2015 - 

    The artist Dread Scott remembers Malcolm X as a revolutionary figure who inspired Black people to challenge police brutality and racism, and seek freedom and justice outside of the existing political system.  More
  • Broomberg & Chanarin

    Editor’s Letter

    For this month’s Editor’s Letter, Marisa Mazria Katz interviews London-based artist Adam Broomberg about his work with longtime collaborator Oliver Chanarin, which has gradually shifted away from figurative modes of representation and toward more critical and conceptual concerns.


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