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Ganzeer's work encompasses graphic design, painting, installations, video art, comix, street-art, and more. While born and bred in Egypt, Ganzeer has been fortunate enough to live on three continents and show his art in a multitude of countries around the world, including Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Jordan, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Art in America Magazine has referred to Ganzeer’s work as “New Realism,” and the Huffington Post ranked him among “25 Street Artists from Around the World who are Shaking Up Public Art,” but Ganzeer rejects both labels and regards Bidoun Magazine’s description of him as a “contingency artist” as probably the most accurate, but The New York Times’ description “chameleon” also works. Ganzeer refers to his own practice, however, as Concept Pop. has placed him on a list of “50 People Shaping the Culture of the Middle East” (2013), and he is also one of the protagonists in a critically acclaimed documentary “Art War” (2014) by German director Marco Wilms. Much of his street-art work in Egypt is well-documented in the book “Walls of Freedom” (2014) published by From Here to Fame Publishing, while some of his graphic design work is featured in “Arabesque” (2009) and “Arabesque 2” (2011) from Gestalten. Some of Ganzeer's work is currently on display at the Brooklyn Museum in the exhibition Agitprop! He's hard at work these days on a sci-fi graphic novel of epic proportions. More info at


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