Via Nairobi, Kenya

FilmAid uses the power of film and media to bring life-saving information, psychological relief and much-needed hope to refugees and other communities in need around the globe. In both post-crisis emergencies and protracted situations, FilmAid produces and distributes community-based films on critical public health and safety issues such as maternal health, HIV, cholera, gender-based violence, conflict resolution and more.

FilmAid was founded during the Balkan crisis in 1999 by award-winning producer Caroline Baron (Capote, Monsoon Wedding) after she learned the most prevalent problem for the hundreds of thousands of Kosovar refugees was trauma and unrelenting hopelessness. Since then, FilmAid has worked in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other global aid organizations to bring hope, critical information and training to more than two million people worldwide. FilmAid currently works in Kenya, in the large refugee camps of Dadaab and Kakuma as well as informal settlements in Nairobi and Mombassa; with Burmese refugees in Thailand; and in Haiti. FilmAid is a global federation of nonprofit, charitable organizations including FilmAid International (the founding organization), FilmAid Asia, FilmAid Kenya and FilmAid U.K.


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