Adania Shibli

Adania Shibli

Via Ramallah, Palestine

Adania Shibli is a writer. In addition to two novels, she has published many short stories and art essays in various anthologies, magazines and art books. She has twice been the winner of the Qattan Young Writer's Award-Palestine, first in 2001 for her novel Masaas (Beirut: al-Adaab; translated into English as Touch, Clockroot, 2009) and again in 2003 for her novel Kulluna Ba’id bethat al Miqdar aan el-Hub (Beirut: al-Adaab; translated into English as We Are All Equally Far from Love, Clockroot, 2012). Her latest book Dispositions (2012) is a bilingual publication, in Arabic and French, which explores the influence of movement or lack thereof in the works of a group of contemporary Palestinian artists.

Born in Palestine in 1974, Shibli currently lives between Ramallah, Palestine and Berlin, Germany. In addition to her literary work, Shibli is engaged in academic research and teaching. In 2009 she completed a PhD in media and cultural studies from the University of East London with her dissertation “Visual Terror.” She is a lecturer at Bir Zeit University, Palestine, and previously lectured at the University of Nottingham, UK (2005-2009).


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