• THUMBwhale

    A Whale Is A Whale Is A Whale: Swan Song for the Arabian Humpback

    January 6, 2015  —  

    With her haunting new video, artist Sophia Al-Maria composes an ethereal tribute to the disappearing Arabian Humpback population, tracing its near-extinction from whaling for oil and sport to the destruction of its habitat caused by industry.  More
  • tongue_thumb

    Miley, Eric and Me: Basel’s Dazzle and the Dark Death Around Us

    December 18, 2014  —  

    The artist Mel Chin speaks to the uncanny experience of witnessing a VIP-only Miley Cyrus performance at Art Basel – Miami Beach as the Eric Garner grand jury decision provoked street protests across the nation.  More
  • THUMB_beers

    From Breadlines to Bling: Romania, 25 Years After the Revolution

    December 16, 2014  —  

    In December 1989 street protests toppled Romania’s Communist regime, establishing a liberal democracy in the place of Nicolae Ceaușescu’s notorious dictatorship. Dan Perjovschi’s witty drawings depict the bittersweet transition from poverty and scarcity to a consumerist society.  More
  • THUMBPerry Chen - Y2K Too Late, Not Too Late

    Y2K: Welcome to the Jungle

    December 9, 2014  —  

    The Y2K scare did not culminate in disaster, but it did bring to light our precarious dependence on technology. Mining his archive of Y2K ephemera, the artist Perry Chen showcases the media, cultural phenomena and thinkers that revealed our anxieties about an intricately networked world.  More
  • thumb

    My Death Must Mean Something More: Justice for Eric Garner and Michael Brown

    December 5, 2014  —  

    Sound artist Matana Roberts, musician Me’shell Ndegeocello and poet Staceyann Chin share a song of protest as activists fill the streets of U.S. cities, demanding police accountability.  More
  • I Serve Art Project photo doc_featured

    Editor’s Letter

    In this month’s Editor’s Letter, Marisa Mazria Katz talks with artist Mladen Miljanović about how his works reflect culture and history, and how creative practice can function as a kind of research revealing truths about society.


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