• HakanTopal-AncietCityofAni-Armenian-Turkish-Border-2010_thumb

    The Poetics of Remembrance: Facing The Armenian Genocide

    April 21, 2015  —  

    This month Armenians around the world commemorate the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, in which Ottoman Turks massacred more than a million Armenians during the First World War. In this essay, artist Hakan Topal discusses the difficulties Turkish citizens face addressing a history their country continues to deny.  More
  • jr2_thumb

    “The Real Ghetto”: JR Turns His Camera on a Paris Suburb

    April 14, 2015  —  

    Artist JR’s new film Les Bosquets, which premieres at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, centers on a run-down suburb of Paris that exploded in riots in 2005 and is still struggling to find its identity.  More
  • 0038so00415_web_lbaladi20150408_thumb

    Unfixed Images: Remembering Lebanon’s Civil War

    April 13, 2015  —  

    Lebanon’s visual history is shaped by a violent past that continues to reverberate today. This series of photographs from the Arab Image Foundation, selected by artist and AIF member Lara Baladi, reflects the disparate but intersecting narratives that define the country’s past and present.  More
  • beggerschicken_thumb

    Taking Culinary Revenge on the Koch Brothers

    April 7, 2015  —  

    In this unconventional cooking video, produced in collaboration with the Delfina Foundation, artist Candice Lin transforms a classic Chinese dish into a metaphorical act of vengeance against conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch.  More
  • The-Road-to-Leer_thumb (1)

    In South Sudan Nobody Talks About the Weather

    March 24, 2015  —  

    Amid failing UN peacekeeping efforts, South Sudan’s long and difficult rainy season is the only reprieve from ongoing civil war. This report by Joshua Craze, with photographs by Jérôme Tubiana, offers a rare glimpse into the everyday struggles facing the ravaged country.  More
  • Alicia Grullón, Filibuster. Photo by Abigail B. Clark.

    Editor’s Letter

    Rachel Riederer talks with artist Alicia Grullón about reenacting crucial political moments, from labor actions in the Bronx to famous Texas filibusters.


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