• David Birkin

    No Explanation Necessary: A Shroud of Secrecy Surrounds the Drone War’s Civilian Casualties

    June 1, 2015  —  

    Four years after a drone strike killed an American teenager, the Obama administration still hasn’t explained the death of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki.  More
  • still-promo844_thumb

    Illicit Broadcasts: Bringing Chris Burden to Iran

    May 28, 2015  —  

    Artist Anahita Razmi writes about her Chris Burden–inspired intervention into the complex media landscape of Iran, where satellite broadcasts are illegal but common.  More
  • Handshake_thumb

    Global Art Forum Talks Highlight Power, Politics and Technology

    May 4, 2015  —  

    In March, the ninth edition of the Global Art Forum took place in Dubai and Kuwait, with Creative Time Reports serving as a media partner for the event. This series of videos from the forum features artists, scholars and curators discussing a range of topics including state power, gender politics and the use and abuse of technology.  More
  • Zana Briski

    This Earth Day, Talk to a Praying Mantis

    April 22, 2015  —  

    Academy Award-winning filmmaker and artist Zana Briski has spent the past 10 years documenting insects around the world. For Earth Day, Creative Time Reports features the intimate moments Briski has shared staring deeply into the eyes of praying mantises and other chitinous creatures.  More
  • HakanTopal-AncietCityofAni-Armenian-Turkish-Border-2010_thumb

    The Poetics of Remembrance: Facing The Armenian Genocide

    April 21, 2015  —  

    This month Armenians around the world commemorate the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, in which Ottoman Turks massacred more than a million Armenians during the First World War. In this essay, artist Hakan Topal discusses the difficulties Turkish citizens face addressing a history their country continues to deny.  More
  • Alicia Grullón, Filibuster. Photo by Abigail B. Clark.

    Editor’s Letter

    Rachel Riederer talks with artist Alicia Grullón about reenacting crucial political moments, from labor actions in the Bronx to famous Texas filibusters.


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