• Man Bartlett

    41 Tweets That Capture This Week’s Twitterscape

    February 14, 2014  —  

    For our inaugural edition of Artist’s Tweets of the Week, a series featuring the most enticing (and oddest) 140-character messages out there, we turn to Man Bartlett, who culled a grab bag of items that will make you nostalgic for two-day-old news.  More
  • Images of the NSA

    Overhead: New Photos of the NSA and Other Top Intelligence Agencies Revealed

    February 10, 2014  —  

    Artist Trevor Paglen offers a glimpse of America’s vast surveillance infrastructure, photographing three of the most powerful U.S. intelligence agencies and placing the images in the public domain.  More
  • PussyRiot_thumb

    An Open Letter From Pussy Riot

    February 6, 2014  —  

    In an open letter, anonymous members of Pussy Riot announce a split from their formerly imprisoned colleagues, Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, citing ideological differences and emphasizing their ongoing dedication to radical feminist politics.  More
  • moby_thumb

    Moby: Los Angeles, The First City of the Apocalypse

    February 3, 2014  —  

    Once he realized New York had become an unaffordable city that people “visit, observe, patronize and document, but don’t actually add to,” Moby moved to Los Angeles, drawn by its ethos of experimentation and its comfort with failure.  More
  • shirinneshat_thumb

    Shirin Neshat to President Rouhani: “Take Care of Your Artists”

    February 3, 2014  —  

    In a speech delivered to President Rouhani and other global leaders at the 2014 World Economic Forum, artist Shirin Neshat praised the importance of culture in times of political crisis, calling on the Iranian president to respect artists’ voices and build a new image for her native country.  More
  • Campground-at-Cockatoo-Island_thumb

    Editor's Letter

    This February, the Istanbul-based artist Ahmet Ögüt took part in a conditional withdrawal from the Biennale of Sydney due to its connections to Transfield Holdings—a corporation linked to the management...


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