• magichats_thumb

    Magic Hats: Dancing in the Streets of Soweto

    February 3, 2014  —  

    On a visit to the Soweto street that was once home to Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela, filmmaker Jake Sumner recorded a stunning performance by local contortionist dance duo Skeleton Pantsula Crew.  More
  • fatima-alqadiri_THUMB

    Vatican Vibes

    January 21, 2014  —  

    Musician Fatima Al Qadiri discusses a video she made with digital artist Tabor Robak, “Vatican Vibes,” which creates a visual analogy between the Vatican’s “centuries-old mechanisms of control over people” and video gamers’ “godlike power over populations.”  More
  • ruth-hardinger_THUMB

    Fracking Away Our Air, Water and Land

    January 21, 2014  —  

    Artist Ruth Hardinger and Damascus Citizens for Sustainability director Barbara Arrindell argue that natural gas is not a “bridge fuel” to less hazardous energy sources, but a grave danger to communal resources and the global climate.  More
  • johnmoore_thumb

    Shipped Off In Shackles

    January 21, 2014  —  

    As President Obama pushes for immigration reform at a moment when his own administration is reaching a record 2 million deportations, photographer John Moore offers a rare glimpse of the militarized deportation process.  More
  • Sylvia Plachy

    Baghdad Last Night

    January 21, 2014  —  

    Marking the anniversary of the first Gulf War, photographer Sylvia Plachy shares images of the “broken world” she witnessed in Kuwait 23 years ago, which depict the oil fires that darkened the sky for months and debris strewn along the “Highway of Death” leading to Iraq.  More
  • bridle_rainbow-plane-002_thumb

    Editor’s Letter

    Creative Time Reports editors Marisa Mazria Katz and Kareem Estefan speak with Sultan Al Qassemi, co-director of Art Dubai’s Global Art Forum, about art, culture, politics and technology in the Middle East.


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