• Crystal-Chamber_THUMB

    Marina Abramovic: An Antidote to the Distracted Rush

    January 7, 2014  —  

    Performance artist Marina Abramović shares her vision for an institute devoted to interdisciplinary thinking, long-durational performance art and techniques for concentration in an age of multitasking.  More
  • ivansigal_thumb

    Projections Of Our Own Future: Indonesia’s Memorials To Tsunami Victims

    December 26, 2013  —  

    On the anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, photographer Ivan Sigal sees prophesies of our future in memorials erected at the disaster’s epicenter, Aceh, Indonesia.  More
  • signs_thumb-opt1

    Andres Serrano’s Signs of the Times

    December 18, 2013  —  

    After noticing an unprecedented number of people begging on New York City’s streets, Andres Serrano embarked on a project to collect some of the signs homeless people use to tell their stories and ask for change.  More
  • edelo_thumb-opt2

    20 Years After NAFTA, Many Worlds Are Possible

    December 16, 2013  —  

    Caleb Duarte and Mia Eve Rollow from EDELO (En Donde Era La UNO/Where the United Nations Used to Be) explore the effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement in Chiapas, Mexico’s poorest state and the site of the Zapatista revolution sparked by the agreement.  More
  • Sehba Sarwar

    Bangladesh’s Unresolved History of Independence

    December 16, 2013  —  

    On the anniversary of its independence from Pakistan, Bangladesh is reeling from political violence that has killed scores of people in the months leading up to January’s elections. Amid the turmoil, artist Sehba Sarwar finds reason for hope among socially engaged artists in the nation’s capital, Dhaka.  More
  • THUMB_sixthsideofthepentagon

    Editor’s Letter

    Mary Lampson, a co-director of the groundbreaking 1976 documentary Underground, reflects on her experience interviewing fugitive members of the Weather Underground for a film that resonates with present-day concerns about war, surveillance, police brutality and the punishment of dissent.


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