• Ricardo Cortes

    Residents of Rikers Island, In Portraits

    November 26, 2013  —  

    Who are the 10,000-plus people in New York City’s jails? Illustrator Ricardo Cortés, who runs art workshops at the Rikers Island detention complex, describes “cages” filled with those who can’t afford to post bail—who are disproportionately poor, black and brown, and often mentally ill.  More
  • Anna Deavere Smith

    Art in a Time of Civic Failure:
    Anna Deavere Smith and Tom Healy

    November 20, 2013  —  

    What happens when words fail us? In a wide-ranging conversation exploring the relationship between language, identity and politics, renowned actress/playwright Anna Deavere Smith and poet Tom Healy consider the civic role of art.  More
  • Matana Roberts

    Dealing with Authority When You Have No Authority: A Brush with Stop-and-Frisk

    November 18, 2013  —  

    Composer and sound artist Matana Roberts shares her brush with the New York police tactic known as “stop-and-frisk,” which civil rights advocates have denounced as a form of racial profiling.  More
  • Felix_THUMB2

    Tijuana’s “El Panda”: Self-Fictions of a Human Smuggler

    November 18, 2013  —  

    Adriana Trujillo’s documentary showcases an actor, producer and human smuggler, Félix Rosales (aka “El Panda”), who traffics immigrants across the Mexico–United States border and depicts his subversive activities in B movies that draw from Hollywood clichés.  More
  • UmmKhulthum_THUMB1

    Voice of Egypt:
    Shirin Neshat on Umm Kulthum

    November 18, 2013  —  

    Acclaimed artist Shirin Neshat shares an exclusive preview of her forthcoming film about the Egyptian singer and international icon Umm Kulthum, whose life intersected with many of the most significant political events in Egypt’s modern history.  More
  • Listener_thumb

    Editor's Letter

    Editor Marisa Mazria Katz speaks with the artist John Hulsey about a recent action he helped organize, in which members of the Boston community group City Life/Urbana Vida occupied a vacant house and an open radio frequency to push for affordable housing.


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