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    Living on the Electromagnetic Border

    November 10, 2014  —  

    Everywhere is a border zone now, as political powers erode civil liberties and asylum rights, and new technologies contribute to an ominous global scenario in which our identities are determined by faceless systems.  More
  • THUMB_Expulns 3.2 600dpiSTRONG 13MB

    Saskia Sassen Talks Finance, Climate, Race, Immigration and How We Can Begin to Fix Our Planet

    October 27, 2014  —  

    The pioneering sociologist speaks with Creative Time Chief Curator Nato Thompson as part of our 2014 Summit Series.  More
  • rakowitz_thumb2

    You Are Eating a Dying Language: Michael Rakowitz on Arab Jewish Identity

    October 20, 2014  —  

    Artist Michael Rakowitz examines the disappearance of Arab Jewish identity in the context of his recent project Dar Al Sulh, a temporary restaurant serving Iraqi Jewish cuisine in Dubai, for our Summit Series.  More
  • mostyn_thumb

    Breaking Social Codes: An Outsider in Sweden

    October 14, 2014  —  

    Reflecting on race and belonging in Sweden, the artist Santiago Mostyn walks through the streets of Stockholm, touching white strangers, in a video published as part of our Summit Series. The series explores themes at the heart of the 2014 Creative Time Summit Stockholm, a collaboration with the Public Art Agency Sweden.  More
  • thumb_nannyvan

    They Take Care of Our Loved Ones, But Who Takes Care of Them?

    October 7, 2014  —  

    Despite the essential labor they perform, domestic workers lack basic workplace protections, a fact the artist Marisa Jahn underscores as she mobilizes workers across the country with her NannyVan.  More
  • THUMB_sixthsideofthepentagon

    Editor’s Letter

    Mary Lampson, a co-director of the groundbreaking 1976 documentary Underground, reflects on her experience interviewing fugitive members of the Weather Underground for a film that resonates with present-day concerns about war, surveillance, police brutality and the punishment of dissent.


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