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    Unfixed Images: Remembering Lebanon’s Civil War

    April 13, 2015  —  

    Lebanon’s visual history is shaped by a violent past that continues to reverberate today. This series of photographs from the Arab Image Foundation, selected by artist and AIF member Lara Baladi, reflects the disparate but intersecting narratives that define the country’s past and present.  More
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    In South Sudan Nobody Talks About the Weather

    March 24, 2015  —  

    Amid failing UN peacekeeping efforts, South Sudan’s long and difficult rainy season is the only reprieve from ongoing civil war. This report by Joshua Craze, with photographs by Jérôme Tubiana, offers a rare glimpse into the everyday struggles facing the ravaged country.  More
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    New App Would Enable Israelis to Give their Votes to Palestinians and the Undocumented

    March 13, 2015  —  

    Ahead of the 2015 Israeli election, an effort to use mobile technology to enfranchise inhabitants of the occupied territories and others deprived of voting rights is underway.  More
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    Mecca’s Monuments, Seen through the Eyes of Construction Workers

    February 24, 2015  —  

    Islam’s holiest city is undergoing extensive development as it tries to accommodate an ever-increasing number of pilgrims. But who can afford to stay in Mecca’s luxury high-rises?  More
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    Mugabe’s Naughty 91st and Other Horror Stories from Harare

    February 20, 2015  —  

    On the eve of birthday celebrations for President Robert Mugabe, spoken word artist Comrade Fatso describes the Game of Thrones scenario unfolding in Zimbabwe, where various factions are vying to succeed the nation’s only post-independence leader against a backdrop of crippling poverty and unemployment.  More
  • Broomberg & Chanarin

    Editor’s Letter

    For this month’s Editor’s Letter, Marisa Mazria Katz interviews London-based artist Adam Broomberg about his work with longtime collaborator Oliver Chanarin, which has gradually shifted away from figurative modes of representation and toward more critical and conceptual concerns.


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