• Protecting Freedom of Expression, from Piss Christ to Charlie Hebdo

    In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, the Associated Press removed the artist Andres Serrano’s controversial photograph, Piss Christ, from its online archives. Serrano, who has faced censorship and violent threats for nearly three decades, argues that we must protect all speech—whether we agree with it or not.  More
  • The FBI Isn’t Catching Terrorists — It’s Creating Them

    This op-ed, published in partnership with the Sundance Institute and The Guardian, showcases the story behind (T)ERROR, a documentary that premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.  More
  • Meet the Million Migrant Workers Living Beneath Beijing’s Streets

    Former bomb shelters are now home to countless young migrants seeking to save rent as they forge a new life in the Chinese capital. In this intimate video portrait, co-published with Al Jazeera America, a 21-year-old Mongolian street peddler shows off his underground apartment and shares his dreams of making it big as an actor in Beijing.  More
  • THUMB_sixthsideofthepentagon

    Editor’s Letter

    Mary Lampson, a co-director of the groundbreaking 1976 documentary Underground, reflects on her experience interviewing fugitive members of the Weather Underground for a film that resonates with present-day concerns about war, surveillance, police brutality and the punishment of dissent.


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